Amma's Kitchen

The design and development of a fictional South Indian restaurant known as Amma's Kitchen.


Project Description

The final project for our information design course allowed us redesign and develop any of our previous projects from the term. I decided to re-create the first website project we had, which was to create a fictional restaurant website. This project allowed me to demonstrate the skills I learned throughout the course.

three screenshots of the easy trim application showing its features
Screenshots from some primary sections of the Amma's Kitchen Website


Organization and Planning

My goal with the development of this website was to apply all the skills that I learned throughout the course. Thus, I started from scratch and commenced with sketches and wireframes. This helped me to get a good understanding of how I want to approach the design aesthetic.

Exploring New Concepts

Not only did I want to apply what I learned throughout the term, but I also wanted to explore developing with frameworks. Therefore, I decided to create the website using the Bootstrap framework. Using the framework eased the develpment process greatly. The framework helped to create the website much more quickly and efficiently in a responsive style.


Reflecting on the finalized website, I could see how much I learned throughout the term. There had been many major improvements from the first project to the final project. These included the overall design aesthetic, responsiveness, and overall efficiency. Overall, the redevelopment of the website resulted in a great success, and I learned a lot throughout the process.

before after of amma's kitchen website
The initial site from the first project contrasted with the final project design

Live Demo

A short animation navigating through the Amma's Kitchen website. Alternatively, you can view the live site here.

an animation of Amma's kitchen website being browsed through.